Sarcastic Quotes if you are feeling annoyed

Here are some Sarcastic Quotes to throw on your friends or person who is pulling your nerves

Sarcastic Quotes #1

here is perfect answer for a question “You look Depressed ” well. of course…

Sarcastic Quote on Depression

Sarcastic Quotes #2

Here is the perfect answer to a question ” why are you so silent today ?”

Sarcastic Quote on being silent

Sarcastic Quotes #3

Of so you didn’t like the last Sarcasm here is another one for you

Sarcastic Quote on staying quite

Sarcastic Definition of word “Fuckology”

Here is the perfect explanation for not giving a shit.

What is Fuckology ?

Sarcastic Quotes #5

Someone : So you don’t like 80s music ?

me :

Sarcastic Quote on 80’s music

Sarcastic Quotes #6

Someone : Don’t you miss our school days ?

me :

Sarcastic answer to old days

Sarcastic Quotes #7

Is your Boyfriend or girlfriend is bothering you last month well may be there are Liampire

Sarcastic Quote on Annoying people

Sarcastic Quotes on Ex boyfriend or girlfriend

When you are keep fucking in relationship .

Sarcastic answer to ex boyfriend girlfriend problem

Sarcastic Quotes “I am Sorry but i am not sorry”

Here is the perfect answer to Oh i am sorry but no i am not sorry .

Sarcastic quote for Sorry but not sorry

Sarcastic Quote or answer to stupid people :

When stupid people are eating your head and you just have to get it out. here is the perfect answer to that.

Sarcastic answer to call out stupid people

When you are dead , you don’t know that you are dead. It is difficult for others.

It is the same when you are stupid.

Sarcastic Quotes for more stupid people

Here is another way to call out stupid people with sarcastic answer

Sarcastic answer or calling our stupid people

Sometimes I meet people

and I feel bad

for their dogs.

Sarcastic Quotes #12

When someone breaks your trust here is the perfect way to answer to them.

Sarcastic quote for garbage people

Sarcastic Quotes #13

did you ever had a feeling to punch someone when you know them more, well i do too. here is the perfect way to call it out with this Sarcastic punch line.

Sarcastic Quote on Shit people

The more I get to know certain people..

The more I realize why Noah only let animals board the ark.

Sarcastic Quotes and answer for I don’t care.

Try this when someone keep complaining to you on why you don’t care , well it’s because ..

Sarcastic answer to I don’t care

People say I act

Like I don’t care..

Trust me, It’s not an act.

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